Yes, I am a cry baby

I have always been scared to talk about my depression. I worry that people are just going to think that I’m lazy or that I’m being overemotional or that they won’t take me seriously. I don’t understand my own depression, so how can I expect someone else to. I feel like anxiety is more relatable and accessible to people that don’t have an anxiety disorder, because everyone has felt anxious about something in their life before. I don’t feel like depression can be explained in the same way. Yes the low mood is quite a large part of how depression affects my life, but I’ve been hiding it for a long time so when I tell people that I have actually been feeling¬†empty inside for months they aren’t going to believe me.

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Exploring Buyeo and Realising that It’s Okay to Be Homesick

When I go on holiday, I often search for interesting day trips to find different sights further afield from where I am staying. So when I was staying in Seoul, I naturally looked at the bus trips to different districts to give me a chance to explore new areas of South Korea that I hadn’t seen before. I chose a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Buyeo, which is a peaceful town in the South Chungcheong province.

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8. Re-Charge

Ironically I have taken a break from the self care-athon because I’ve had a dip in my mental health and needed some time for self care. I’ve been going for runs, doing face masks and doing all those lovely little self care actions to try to make myself feel better. Honestly, it hasn’t really worked all that well.

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7. Learn

Learning to me is a really enjoyable experience. I like to learn alone, finding my own information and seeking out knowledge that interests me. Learning in the context of my degree is weird, because going to classes is a massively anxiety inducing experience. I enjoy gaining the knowledge and putting my opinion across in discussions, but I find the pressure of deadlines and grades have too much of an impact on my mental health to enjoy it.

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6. Support

This year I’ve started to be a bit more open about my mental health with the people important to me. It’s not easy to ask for support when you can’t always explain what’s wrong without getting upset, but I’m very lucky to have some amazing friends who have supported me through rough times in my mental health just by showing that they care.

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5. Outside

Going for a walk or a run can be refreshing, whether it’s just getting fresh air by walking around my town or exploring an exciting new environment when travelling. I walk to work every day and run twice a week, so it’s safe to say that I have my fair share of time outside. I can think of many times that the great outdoors have helped me with my mental health and I want to share one of those experiences with you in this post. Continue reading “5. Outside”

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