5 Things I learned from solo travel

Going back to reality has been difficult and I’m in denial, so I’m going to keep reliving my travel experiences until I can make new ones. This time last year, I returned from a month in South Korea. So here are 5 things I learned from traveling South Korea.

A visit to James Bond Island

If you’re planning a Thailand trip and are looking for day trips from Phuket then look no further. There are so many different trips that you can go on to the nearby islands, but this was the one I found that appealed to me the most.

My current travel wishlist

Here are 5 places that I have my sights set on for future travels and I’m dreaming away about the things I want to do there. I’m starting to think about how I would work in these trips within the next year or so and it’s all very exciting to think about all the possibilities.

Getting a tattoo abroad

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate your trip, but have worried about the cleanliness or the safety of getting a tattoo abroad? Here is my experience of getting a tattoo in Bangkok and some tips to make sure that your travel tattoo is a positive one.

Food in Thailand

As a vegetarian, I found eating during my Asia travels slightly challenging, so I slowly introduced fish into my diet. As a pescetarian, I found eating vegetarian food really easy in Thailand, but I enjoyed trying different fish dishes to be a bit more adventurous with the local food. I was too scared to try […]

Thoughts on traveling alone

A lot of people question my decision to travel on my own. They ask me if I get lonely or if I feel safe or they tell me how brave I am to do it. But honestly, traveling alone is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Making sure your elephant trip is ethical

Elephant sanctuaries are a popular tourist attraction in Thailand and there are hundreds of different ones that offer up close elephant interactions. But how can you make sure that you are visiting somewhere where the elephants are being treated well? Here’s some things to consider from my own experience.

How to plan your travels

If you want to go travelling but have no idea where to start, this post is for you. This is going to be a list that can be applied to any location, but with examples from my travels around Thailand.

Tips for handling the airport alone

When I went travelling on my own for the first time, one of the most daunting things to me was the airport. The thought of going through the whole process on my own was unthinkable. It’s not that bad but here are some things to consider to help prepare you.