Glass floors, beautiful views and a surprise Pokemon center?

This was one of the tourist attractions in Japan I was most excited about and it definitely lived up to my expectations. It was slightly cloudly, but a pleasant day as we walked from Asakusa station along the Sumida river to Tokyo Skytree.


We had no problems buying our tickets to go to the observatory on the 350m deck and another for the 450m deck. There is a “combo ticket” that grants access to both observation decks and is only available to international visitors (you have to show ID when you purchase). This ticket is also a Fast Skytree Ticket so you wait for less time than with a regular ticket to get the lift to the first observation deck.

The lift takes you to the top floor of the 350m deck (which I didn’t actually realise until after we came down from the higher one). The views are stunning and there were lots of interesting things to see, such as interactive screens where you could zoom in on different areas of Tokyo to find landmarks.

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The lift to the upper deck has some transparent walls and you can see through the ceiling as the lift goes up! The 450m observation deck is on a spiralling slope and when you reach the highest point you can take a commerative photo.


When we came back down from the top, I realised that there were some other parts to the 350m deck that we hadn’t seen. We looked through the gift shop and then we queued to go on the glass floor. We had our picture taken on the glass floor by the photographer as well and paid to get a framed copy of it!


I loved seeing all the views and I feel like going to the Tokyo Skytree is one of the must see tourist attractions in Japan! The whole experience was entirely worth it and it was one of my favourite days in Tokyo.

The building had lots of other parts to it too, other than the observation decks. We went to the Pokemon center and saw a screening in the observatory, but didn’t visit the aquarium because we already made plans to visit the aquarium in Osaka. The pokemon center was a nice surprise because I had no idea that there would be one in the building. I didn’t buy anything but I enjoyed looking at everything and encouraged my friend to buy presents for her little brother who loves pokemon.

Another bonus was the excellent crepe I ate!!!!!!!!!! I need to make a separate post about how I ate my entire body weight in crepes during my time in Japan. As a fussy vegetarian, I found it difficult to find food sometimes but I could always rely on the crepes.



  • 4000 yen for the Fast Skytree Combo Ticket (you need your passport when you buy these and they are only available for foreigners)
  • Open 8am to 10pm with last entry at 9pm
  • Nearest station is the Tokyo Skytree available on the TOBU Skytree Line, but if you want a nice walk with a good view go from Asakusa station

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