Cheese, cheese and more cheese

Amsterdam isn’t just about marijuana and prostitutes, although those are two things you may find in the Red Light District. The best thing I saw in the Red Light District was a cheese tasting experience and the best sandwich I have ever eaten from the same shop. Not what I was expecting from this famous area of Amsterdam, but yes we did see some models in the windows and I personally found it quite awkward. Anyway, I bought a lovely wheel of gouda to take home with me and as a cheese lover, I was ecstatic.


The next cheese experience was in a pancake store where I opted for the traditional cheese and apple dutch pancake. This isn’t really something I would normally eat, but I like cheese, I like apples and I like pancakes so putting them together was an interesting combination, but still pleasant.


We booked this holiday very last minute, so finding affordable accomodation was challenging. We were lucky enough to stay with a host family via airbnb and although it was in Zulien, an hour away from Amsterdam by train, it was still easy to get around and it was very cheap to stay there. The host family were helpful, willing to answer any questions we had about the area and they even cooked us amazing breakfasts each morning. Yum!


What else did I eat other than cheese? It is common for me to live off of desserts on holidays to avoid having to search for vegetarian food and Amsterdam didn’t disappoint in the dessert category. I was blown away by these waffles we ate on our way to the Anne Frank house. I. would 100% recommend any of these desserts.


Other meals I ate in Amsterdam include a stroopwaffel (a thin waffle with caramel in the middle) and woktowalk (an amazing place where you can customize what you put in your noodles).

Our last meal in Amsterdam was…. Mcdonalds. Unfortunately their veggie burger was disappointing but I don’t think I can ever be disappointed by Mcdonalds fries. They got bonus points, because there were disco lights on the ceiling and that really added to the Mcdonalds experience.

Overall an amazing weekend but I would have loved to have had more time and done more. See you next time Amsterdam!


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