1. 10 things about me

Here I am, starting Day 1 of the selfcareathon on Day 12…. which brings me to my first point.

1. I am often late.

Yes I know it’s awful. But I’m the friend that sends the “Sorry I’m running late” text every single time I do anything to the point where it’s a shock when I’m on time and no surprise if I’m two hours late to meeting up for drinks. I am usually on time when it’s important, but that’s only because I know my time management abilities well enough to aim to be ready half an hour or an hour earlier than I need to be. Organisation generally isn’t my strongest attribute.

2. I love to travel.

I fell in love with travelling while on a trip with my best friend to Japan two years ago and since then I have been on a few really exciting holidays both with friends and alone. I find travelling alone to be the perfect escape from my everyday life  and it gives me to freedom to explore and learn. As a person with anxiety and depression, travelling can bring its own struggles: having panic attacks in bus stations or feeling too drained to get out of bed can still happen on the other side of the world. However, I feel like travelling has made me more confident, independent and strong. I have overcome so many barriers while travelling which have made everyday tasks that I used to be too anxious to do, more bearable. I love travelling so much, that I am hoping to move abroad to teach English as soon as I finish my degree.

3. I teach 2 year olds.

I am currently the leader of  Preschool teaching children aged 2 and 3 years old and I love it! There is something really nice about being able to make a complete fool of yourself and it gives me an excuse to carry on being a child sometimes. Whether that is blasting Disney music and joining the children singing along or dressing up as a bear and hiding from the children so they can go on a bear hunt.

4. I love astrology.

I love reading my horoscope and reading about how the planetary alignments on the day I was born relate to different personality traits. I love researching this topic whenever I get the chance and I love it so much that one of my five tattoos is of the constellation for my star sign (Cancer!). Fun fact: I got that tattoo because I wanted my zodiac sign, but I didn’t want to get a crab tattooed on myself, so I found the constellation and fell in love with it.

5. I am the most emotional person you will ever meet.

I cry a lot. I cry because I’m sad, happy, angry, scared, stressed and sometimes I cry without knowing why I’m crying. My zodiac sign can be help partly accountable for this, as Cancer is known as a sensitive sign and obviously being depressed can be partly accountable for this. People might also blame my gender for this, but just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m always PMSing everywhere! Anyway I can’t help it I’m a generally emotional person with a lot of factors adding up towards that. It’s got to a point where at Tuesday lunch time one of my work friends will say to me “At least you haven’t cried yet this week you’re doing really well”.

6. If I could survive just drinking cocktails for the rest of my life, I would.

I constantly wish I could be sitting on a gorgeous beach somewhere under a palm tree sipping on a cocktail with one of those little umbrellas. Every good night out starts with an entire pitcher of a cocktail for me. My personal favourite is Sex on the Beach and if I was rich I would have a tap in my house with a constant supply.

7. I have recently got into running.

I raised £100 for the National Literacy Trust by being sponsored to run around a park dressed as Where’s Wally. Yes, I voluntarily ran 5km and it was in the snow. If my 12 year old self could see me now, she would be horrified, but also quite proud hopefully. I used to exaggerate my asthma in my school days to avoid participating in cross country running and I would go sit in the nurses office with a glass of water for while before walking very slowly back to the field so that I missed it. I think the most I ever did was half a lap of that field in my 5 years of school there. Anyway now I run at least two 5k runs a week and I actually really enjoy it. Who knew that would happen.

8. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 8 years.

I never actually liked the taste of meat. It wasn’t until a food technology lesson in secondary school where we talked about meat alternatives that I took my notes to my mum and asked if we could order some quorn in the shopping next week. I haven’t eaten meat (except by accident oops) since then. Although, I admit I have become a pescatarian in recent years and it was mainly to make food more convenient while travelling.

9. I am really passionate about learning languages.

I loved French at school and I have never been more disappointed as when I got a B instead of an A in the GCSE because I had a migraine in the listening exam. Since then, I started learning Korean during my travels there. I actually loved Korea so much that I went back again and spent the year between trips learning the language better. I am interested in learning other languages, particularly ones that involve learning alphabets because I love writing in other languages. Through my travels, I picked up the basics of Japanese and the only phrase I really remember (other than the standard hello/thank you/excuse me ) was “I don’t eat meat”.  I started to learn the alphabet and I have some basic knowledge, but it’s still a work in progress.

10. I am a feminist

I feel like in 2018, literally every woman should be a feminist, but it’s more than that. I think that fighting for the rights of people that don’t have the same rights as others is so important. Whether it’s LGBT rights, #BlackLivesMatter or even just the gender pay gap. It’s ridiculous that there are so many injustices in the world.

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