As you may be able to tell by the state of this blog, I don’t have very much time for writing. It’s something I really enjoy and I once considered it as a career option, but unfortunately a full time teaching job, a degree and all the stress that comes along with those things have halted that idea for now.

Unfortunately, something else has affected my writing and I don’t really like to talk about it that often. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2012, after suffering my way through secondary school and it has always been a massive barrier to my goals and aspirations in life. I have managed to cope with this largely through my own coping mechanisms and a bit of good old self care.

However, there are times where your own coping mechanisms aren’t enough and I can spend days in bed, unable to function and people might think that you are just being “lazy” or “not trying”. Sometimes I feel so drained I can’t focus on doing anything and I can’t face even opening my laptop let alone writing anything. Sometimes I write a post and convince myself that it’s awful and no one is going to read it anyway, then distance myself from the blog again.

Anyway happier times now, I haven’t had a complete breakdown in a while and it’s generally looking up. To get back into writing I am doing the #blurtselfcareathon which was started by the Blurt Foundation. There are prompts for each day and I’m actually really late (which is typically my style anyway), but I’m going to try and upload a few a day until I catch up.

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