3. Boost

Sometimes you need a boost to power through work or time to recover at the end of a difficult day. Here is a list of some things that give me a boost:

Going for a run

I have certain rituals I follow when I go for a run. I love changing into my workout clothes and taking the time before I leave to put together a queue of songs from my running playlist. I like to plan it so that my favourite songs of the moment come on around the halfway point of the run to give me a boost when I start lagging. The sense of achievement I feel when the man’s voice in my running app tells me I have reached 3 miles is the biggest boost for me. When I get home, I have a warm relaxing shower and I enjoy taking the time to deep condition my hair or shave my legs. I just love using some of my nice smelling gels or lotions to have a real self care moment.

Changing into my pajamas

For days where I don’t have the energy for a run, I just need to get into my pajamas. I wipe all my makeup off from the day and cleanse my skin. Sometimes I put on a face mask or an overnight hair mask to help me wind down in the evening.

Lighting a scented candle

I love a good yankee candle and it’s part of my routine to settle down for the evening. I usually sit in my living room for the evening, but put a candle on in my bedroom so that when I go to bed it smells nice. Usually I put on a calming lemon and lavender candle on in my room to help me as I settle down to sleep.

My emergency chocolate stash

If I’m at work and I need a boost, I have a secret stash of goodies in my classroom. Although some of the children have noticed and some of them point at the cupboard and say, “Sweeties in there?” and whenever I go there for my daily fix, I have to hide in the corner and the eagle-eyed children watch me. My weakness is love heart sweets to the point where on a bad day I have a pack in my pocket and eat one every time I feel stressed.

Looking at info about my future holiday plans

Whether I’m at work or at home, the thing that gives me the biggest boost is thinking about my future travel plans. If I’m at work, sometimes I will google the places I’m going to go in my lunch break or calculate how many days there are until my next holiday. There is currently 43 days until I fly to Croatia and 108 days until I leave for Thailand. Last year when I was counting down to Korea, I had a post it note on the wall in my classroom with how many days until the summer holiday literally from December until the summer.

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    1. Thank you. I’m really trying to follow my plan and get myself through. It’s going okay so far so just gotta keep it up!

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