7. Learn

Learning to me is a really enjoyable experience. I like to learn alone, finding my own information and seeking out knowledge that interests me. Learning in the context of my degree is weird, because going to classes is a massively anxiety inducing experience. I enjoy gaining the knowledge and putting my opinion across in discussions, but I find the pressure of deadlines and grades have too much of an impact on my mental health to enjoy it.

My foundation degree is over and I’m starting my top up year to get my honours degree this week. I am in the process of planning my dissertation and I think I have found a topic that I am passionate about to research. However, I am most looking forward to my time in education being finally over, so I can be free to travel to my hearts content.

I will continue to learn as I explore new cultures, gain information about countries and hopefully study some more languages. My weakest point would be Geography, so I’m hoping I can learn from experience with that. I am also interested in history and I’m currently reading a book about the history of different nations around the world from the point of view of their own country.

My strongest subject is languages and I couldn’t imagine going to a country without a basic grasp of the language. I have been teaching myself Korean for years whenever I’ve had the free time and I really love the language. There were times in Korea, where I had a successful interaction and I just felt so proud, because I learnt that all by myself.

My best moment was a trip to the Korean Lush store where I spoke to one of the employees in Korean for about half an hour! I was testing out lots of different products, answering his questions about London and explained my plans to come to Korea to teach English. My next project is going to be brushing up on my French to prepare for a potential trip to Paris for December this year.

Looking at the featured image of this post it’s actually really amazing how much my Korean has improved. The smallest notebook is from my early days which is why the handwriting is slightly questionable, the next biggest is from my daily log of new words I learnt which I kept from 2016-2017 between my two Korean trips and then the last is from early this year when I was trying to brush up on my skills to make sure I don’t forget anything.


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