8. Re-Charge

Ironically I have taken a break from the self care-athon because I’ve had a dip in my mental health and needed some time for self care. I’ve been going for runs, doing face masks and doing all those lovely little self care actions to try to make myself feel better. Honestly, it hasn’t really worked all that well.

I’ve cried at work nearly every day this week. Sometimes it’s all too much for me and I keep thinking about things that are making me anxious that are so insignificant I don’t even need to worry about. I just have to make myself busy and try to stop on top of my worries. I am on countdown mode until the weekend or even counting until the end of the day, because I need to have that time away from work to recharge.

Last night I went to see the new Avengers film with my best friend and we had a catch up over dinner, which was mostly spent discussing how hot Captain America looked and debating the plot of the future film in the MCU (or Marvel Cinematic Universe for those of you who aren’t massive nerds).  It was the best way to forget about everything that’s stressing me out and just enjoy the company of my best friend. It was a great distraction and it was just really relaxing to know I don’t have an alarm waking me up the next day.

The weekend before last was a different kind of distraction where I went out drinking and got home at 5.30am (I was especially glad to not have an alarm waking me up that morning!). I had a great night dancing, drinking and socialising and generally being a drunken mess. I spent the whole of Sunday in bed with a hangover and ended the day with a 9pm trip to a McDonalds drive thru. On the Sunday I definitely didn’t feel recharged, but I did let go of a lot of anxieties on that night and I had a great time.

I intend to use this weekend as a traditional re-charge where I chill out, watch a Great British Bake Off or a Say Yes to the Dress marathon and try not to stress about any of the things I have going on in my life. I might try to tidy my room  or put some of my things on ebay to make extra money, but I probably won’t be that productive and that’s okay. I will try to do some more blog posts, but I don’t think they will be in the Blurt Self Care Athon even though I really enjoyed the posts that I have made for that series so far.

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