4 Great Days Out in Croatia

Here are four of the locations in Croatia that I had the best experiences of my recent holiday there. It’s a beautiful country and I hope I get to visit more of its cities and islands in the future. Any recommendations for places that I missed?

4. Split

We had a lot of day trips planned during our stay in Split to go explore other places, so we didn’t really get much time at all to properly explore Split. Luckily, our apartment was in a wonderful location close to the Port of Split which gave us lovely views even if it was just our walk to catch a ferry or a bus. We loved looking around the old town of Split! We had a good look around Diocletian’s palace and got to see some temples and the cathedral. The ceiling of the Jupiter Temple was really cool, although the faces were a little bit creepy! It was a beautiful city and a beautiful day. I loved shopping at the underground market stalls next to the Cathedral of Saint Domnius to get some cute souvenirs to take home. The evening was spent walking along the promenade by the port and finding a nice restaurant to have dinner and cocktails. I drank a lot of cocktails in Croatia and I enjoyed sampling different ones every day. The cocktail of the day in Split was Zombie.

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3. Plitvice Lakes National Park

I would 100% recommend a visit to Plitvice Lakes. It’s a 4-hour bus ride from Split and we had already booked a trip beforehand, so our guide led us through the hike around the waterfalls in what he thought was the best route. We hiked all the way through the park, seeing the upper and lower lakes. It was a lot more physically challenging than I expected, but I managed to get through it only taking my inhaler once. There wasn’t a cocktail of the day on this day because we were so exhausted when we got back, but I ate lots of ice cream instead.

                        dav    dav

2. Hvar

This day trip was a wonderful chance to explore lots of different islands. We started in Hvar: walking around the port, looking at the market stalls, stopping for coffee and sitting in the sun waiting for our boat. Our speedboat trip made me feel so glamorous and I could pretend it was my own personal boat with my own driver. Feeling the wind through your hair, sitting in your sunglasses and looking out at the beautiful views of the sea and islands was one of the highlights of our experience. Then after the boat trip, we got on another boat to get a chance to see the blue cave and it was incredible.

                        33747799_10212042155309592_7240767862611116032_n   33943420_10212042155989609_7992183162824294400_n

After the blue cave, we stopped at a little beach cove area and went swimming in the sea. The sea in Croatia is gorgeous and very clear. It’s particularly nice to go snorkeling and I loved paddling in the sunshine. From here, we went to Palmizana for a break and the cocktail of the day was Mai Tai. We then returned to Hvar for a pizza and a sunset ferry ride back to Split. Overall, it was a great day.

dav   33768342_10212042158989684_6138691705567707136_n

1. Dubrovnik

The last two days of our holiday were spent in the city of Dubrovnik. We saw the city with lots of different perspectives and my favourite was definitely taking a kayak tour as a different way to explore. It was so fun getting to navigate around in our kayak, there were beautiful views and it was an added bonus that Dennis the tour guide was quite attractive. We set off in the early evening around Lokrum Island, stopped on a beach where I snorkeled and jumped off the cliff and then we paddled back towards the Old Town where the tour ended with a glass of wine. The next day we saw the kayak tours happening from the top of the city walls, searched for our favourite tour guide and reminisced about our teamwork difficulties in the tandem kayak! The city wall walk also challenged me as an asthmatic but finding lots of places to stop and take in the views was absolutely fine.

                           sdr   dav

The other perspective to view Dubrovnik is from the top of the mountain after taking the cable car. Except after we took the cable car, we went for an adrenaline-filled dirt buggy ride through the landscape and narrowly avoiding running over some cows. It was great fun although we ended up totally covered in dirt! We finished our trip with my favourite cocktail of the whole holiday (pictured below). Mine is the tiki-themed one which was called Anaconda.

                            dav   sdr

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  1. Hi, looks like you had a great time in Croatia. We loved it there!
    A trip not so far as Plitvice from Split, is Krka National Park. We thought it was absolutely beautiful. Similar to Plitvice but smaller and more intimate. In fact, too intimate if you go in the peak season and don’t get there early! Luckily we arrived before the tourist buses and had a beautiful swim near the waterfalls. The waters edge was teeming with blue and green dragonflies which added to the magic of the place. We would definitely recommend a trip there when you back.:)

    1. That sounds wonderful. Someone I met in Croatia told me about Krka, but we didn’t have time to go. Definitely one for next time!!

  2. I want to go to Croatia so badly! I honestly have no idea why I am so obsessed with them, but I am. I even have Croatia winning the World Cup and I had that since the very beginning – naturally everyone laughed and said “no way!” But looks who’s in the finals!!!!! 🙂

    Great post and lovely pictures!

    Lex | https://theladyonlexingtonstreet.com

    1. It’s amazing. I’m hoping to go back when I can, especially to Dubrovnik. We had a chat with our lovely tour guide at Plitvice Lakes about the football and hopes for the World Cup, so I keep thinking about how happy he must be now!!!

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