Tattoo addiction

It’s the honest truth that getting tattoos can be pretty addictive. When I get a new one, I immediately start planning my next five and then I go a bit crazy. I thought I would take you on a journey through my tattoos so far. What do they mean? Which body part hurts the most? Why do I love it so much?

My first tattoo

Pain rating: 5 out of 10. It didn’t hurt as much as I expected getting my first tattoo, but obviously it’s not as if I couldn’t feel it.

Being 16 years old and deciding you want a tattoo is very frustrating. I started planning it very early on and it changed a few times, but I knew I wanted it to be related to my childhood favourite, Harry Potter. It’s actually the only really nerdy tattoo I have (although a Tree of Gondor tattoo may be on the cards for the future). I don’t really have many good photos of it because it’s on my back and honestly I sometimes forget it’s there until strangers are like “Wow! You’ve got a Harry Potter tattoo!”.









The reasoning behind this tattoo is mostly because of the significance Harry Potter had to my childhood. I learnt to read with these books and I would come home and read them again and again when I was going through horrible times at school. Even though now, I may only be interested in the nostalgia around the Harry Potter world due to a certain author saying ignorant things and being generally annoying, I still love the tattoo. For those of you who don’t know, my tattoo is of the Deathly Hallows symbol, however instead of the Elder Wand in the center I got Harry’s scar. The green colour effects around the tattoo are partly because I am a Slytherin, but also I wanted them to look like sparks from a wand.

My second tattoo

Pain rating: 2 out of 10. This one didn’t bother me at all and it was over really quickly.

I got my first tattoo a month or so after my eighteenth birthday and I loved admiring it, but I wanted one that I could see all the time. My best friend had got a lion to represent her Leo star sign for her first tattoo and I love astrology, so I started thinking of ideas. Unfortunately, my star sign is cancer and I didn’t particularly want a crab tattoo. While searching for ideas, I had sudden inspiration and booked in my tattoo the next day.









I have to admit that this is my favourite tattoo. I love that it’s usually the tattoo people notice first and ask me about, especially when children I work with tell me “I love your stars”.  I love that when I take selfies in the mirror you can always see it and I just love when I catch glimpses of it in the day. The meaning behind it is that it is the constellation for my star sign, Cancer.

My third tattoo

Pain rating: 8/10. This one hurt. It really hurt. I’m hoping to get it added to in the next few weeks and I’m not looking forward to this pain again. I thought my chub around my rib area would prevent it hurting that badly, but I was wrong.

I’ve had a long journey with my sexuality in the last 10 years. I jumped from trying to convince myself to like boys that I didn’t like so I would seem “normal” and then I started convincing myself that I didn’t like any boys and I was gay. It got to a point where I had come out to all my close friends and my Mum as a lesbian. That was when I got this tattoo.











I am extremely proud of my sexuality and I love to show this tattoo off when I can, but this is actually the only tattoo I ever lie about. There are some family I haven’t come out to and work colleagues that may not approve, but I don’t really make an active effort to hide it. I’ve worn crop tops around them and posted pictures on Facebook where it is visible, but no one has ever asked so I haven’t said anything. Now that I know and I am comfortable with who I am, I would like to get a bisexual pride flag tattooed overlapping the top of the existing rainbow flag.

My fourth tattoo

Pain rating: 6.5/10. It wasn’t as bad as the last one, but ankles do really hurt.

My fourth tattoo was something that I just thought was cute at the time and now it is actually quite sad. I got the outline of a black cat tattooed on my ankle, because I had a pet black cat called Susie and also because black cats are considered good luck so I thought it might be a good omen!











Unfortunately, Susie has been very ill this year and was put down due to having leukemia in May 2018. I am very happy that I have this tattoo to remind me of her in a positive way rather than getting it after she passed away. I miss our cuddles so much and I just miss the presence of having a cat around the house after living with a cat my entire life.

My fifth tattoo

Pain rating: 7/10. Parts of this tattoo were totally fine, but the amount of detail and the length it took to complete was something I wasn’t used to. Also, the closer it got to my armpit the more it hurt.

I waited nearly a year before getting my next tattoo, which was strange after getting the first four within less than a year of each other. It was partly due to travelling to Japan and saving money for that and then there was also some indecision about which tattoo to get. I ended up going to a different tattoo studio for the first time, because a new one opened up literally opposite my best friend’s house. The tattooist was really nice and a wonderful artist, who drew my design beautifully.

rose tattoo.jpg









I love outfits that showcase this tattoo and in the summer it’s my favourite to get the chance to show off. I got a rose, because obviously roses are pretty and they are my favourite flower. But also, because Rose is my middle name and I thought it was a nice shoutout to the fact that my parents accidentally named me after my Grandad’s great grandmas (yes one was called Alice and one was called Rose and it was a coincidence). Maybe I should get a little Alice in Wonderland related tattoo near it so it literally represents Alice Rose.

My sixth tattoo

Pain rating: 4/10. It only hurt, because I forgot what tattoos feel like. It was totally bearable and not bad at all.

I waited another two years after my rose tattoo to get this one. I don’t know why I waited so long. I’ve been constantly saying I want a new tattoo and then I never did it until literally last month. I got this tattoo at a time in my life where I am having a tough time in my mental health, because I hate my job and I’m miserable thinking about how I am stuck in a position I don’t want to be in for another year before my degree is finished. I literally had a mental breakdown the day after I got this tattoo which prompted me to get signed off from work and I am in the process of getting a new job where I should be happier for my last year in the country.









This tattoo represents hope for me. As you can see it is a globe, but I specifically got it with the Asia side facing to remind me what my goal is. I am leaving in September 2019 to travel around Asia and then go off to the rest of the world. I might even end up living in Asia one day whether it’s Thailand or Japan or South Korea. I know that my future will be somewhere else.

Has anyone else got a Harry Potter tattoo? Or one relating to their star sign or any similar to mine? Tell me your tattoo ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’ve definitely caught the bug and I’ll probably be updating this post before the end of the year, because I’m currently filling my Pinterest with ideas. I didn’t really use to use Pinterest much except for ideas for activities for 2 year olds, but I’ve started using it for travel and tattoos so feel free to follow and I’ll follow back.

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  1. So glad I found this post as I’ve always wanted a tattoo but have a really low pain threshold so don’t think I’d be able to tolerate one! All your tattoos are so pretty I especially love the Harry Potter one but you’ve given me ideas of where would hurt the least so thanks for sharing!

    Jess //

    1. Obviously all tattoos hurt, but it is a bearable pain and only for a short while, whereas the art lasts forever. My main tip would be to find a tattoo studio with a good vibe and somewhere you feel comfortable. I’ve recently been with a friend to a place with a really bad atmosphere and it really changed the experience, even though I wasn’t the one getting a tattoo. It makes so much of a different having a friendly face.

    1. I’ve definitely got the bug again! I am really tempted to get a small minimalist one behind my ear this week.

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