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Yoga is a massive part of self care for me, as well as fitness. I’ve lost a stone so far in my fitness journey and I’ve been doing a lot of exercise recently to help lift my mood during my depressive episode. Today, I filmed myself doing a yoga flow routine so that I could review the video and check my form.

I’ve been working out regularly and consistently for the last few months, but yoga is something that I only really do once or twice a week following videos on Youtube. I still struggle with my core strength when working out  and I’m aware my form isn’t very good, but that’s why I did this and I’m hoping to improve. It was interesting to watch myself, although I did feel slightly self conscious about it.

2018-07-02 (5).png

Yoga for me is mainly about relaxing from stress and gaining some more control of the movements of my body. Practicing yoga is a good way to mix up my workouts and making sure I am trying out different movements every day. This is particularly important for when I go into my HIIT workouts or high impact cardio.

My biggest lesson from filming myself is that I need to move sure that I align my head with my spine while doing downward facing dog. I also need to think more about the placement of my legs and the flow between movements.

2018-07-02 (1)

Some aspects of my yoga practice have definitely shown great improvements. My flow between cobra and downward facing dog is a lot more seamless than it used to be! I still struggle to lower myself down slower from a plank to the floor, but that is due to the lack of strength. Improving that control is my main goal with yoga at the moment and I hope I can achieve it!

Any recommendations for yoga flow routines are welcome! Let me know if you find yoga helps your mental health in the comments.

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