5 things I loved about Tokyo DisneySea

Disney is always a magical and beautiful experience, but the best one for me was DisneySea in Tokyo. It was a wonderful day and here are my five favourite parts of the park.

The Rides

I had been to two Disney parks before this and experienced some of the classic Disney rides, but DisneySea was a totally different experience. There were so many areas and rides that I hadn’t heard of before! We tried out the Aquatopia ride first because it was a very humid day and a water ride was desperately needed. It was these cute little bumper cars going around the water. I also loved the Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which is located inside the volcano! I enjoyed the Little Mermaid area of the park, which was really pretty. We spent quite a long time there to enjoy the air conditioning and the music in the Little Mermaid ride! Also, the queuing system for the rides in the Disney parks in Japan was so useful, collecting free fast track tickets from each attraction. Your ticket will give you a time slot for you to return to the ride and use the faster queue, and it will also tell you the next time you can get a fast pass for a different ride. It saved us a lot of queuing time.

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Fortress Exploration

There is a section in the Meditteranean Harbour where there are lots of different things to explore. There are rooms with beautiful portraits and models, such as the giant solar system and the artistic optical illusions. There is a navigation room where you can pay to control one of the remote control ships, which was fun. However, the main attraction was the views from the upper fortress of the harbor area.




Disney stores are my favourite place to be and in Disney parks, it is on another level. If I was let loose in there with a lot of money,  it would be very dangerous. I ended up buying presents for my friends (a Tangled T-shirt and a cute stitch keyring). The best purchase of the day was my ears. It was the 15th year anniversary of Tokyo Disney, which they marketed as the “Year of Wishes” and they sold special edition ears.



Whether it’s the music as you walk around, the beautiful views or the characters interacting with everyone, Disney is magic. In Japan, this magic had its own quirky little features from the energetic parades and bright surroundings. The queues for the rides were so well thought out and really emersed you into the stories behind the ride, particularly with the Tower of Terror. I didn’t understand a word of the story, but I was somehow still invested and the magic in that room literally looked real!!

The Fireworks

From what I had heard before my trip, Disney fireworks shows are incredible. We missed the show in Florida because it was raining really heavily and the last time I was in Disneyland Paris I was 5 years old and scared of loud noises, so I don’t think I really appreciated it. Luckily, we found a good spot to view the Fantasmic firework show on the lake. I, unfortunately, don’t have many good photos because I was video calling my friend during the whole show so she could experience it with me from home.

Have any of you been to Disneysea? Is anyone planning a trip to Japan? If anyone has any questions about their upcoming trip, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter. My last post about Japan, when I got lost in Kyoto, can be found here.

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