Why do I love travelling so much?

People often ask me where I want to go most in the world and I say “I don’t know. I want to go everywhere”. I have definitely got the travel bug. Ever since my first month long trip to Japan and South Korea in 2016, I am constantly itching to get back on a plane and explore the world. But why do I love it so much? Sure everyone loves a holiday, but for me and so many others traveling is different.


A lot of my love of travel is the freedom it gives me. As a person with an anxiety disorder, some aspects of everyday life can be difficult for me, but when I’m traveling it’s like I’m a different person. I can go into a shop and ask questions in another language and not be as nervous as when I’m in Tesco at home. I can be on public transport without my headphones in to block out the world. I often talk to strangers! I know that sounds a little bit dodgy, but particularly in Korea where I speak the language people would ask where I’m from and I would enjoy talking to them. Except for when that old lady on the train on my first day in Korea asked me how long my flight was when I was severely jet-lagged and I just said: “I don’t know I’m tired”.


I’m not saying I’m not happy at home. I love my friends and family and I can have lots of fun being in England. But there is just something about hopping on a plane and leaving your life behind that appeals to me so much. I love going places and meeting new people that you don’t know. I love seeing new things and having new experiences. I get bored of the same old sights at home and it also fits in with me feeling free.


I am not a very organised person in my day to day life, but one place that I excel is my holiday planning. My world travel plan for September 2019 (Yes I am never going to shut up about it) currently has a half full notebook of ideas and a 10-page google document of places to see. My room is full of travel books and maps and I constantly find new ideas of things I want to do and add them to the list. I’m the sort of person who could start planning the next holiday the day I get back from my last one.


I love learning about histories and cultures and languages. Every country has its own quirks and customs and ways of life that are so interesting to me. I love gaining that knowledge and experiencing different parts of history through ancient temples or museums or memorials. There is so much to learn in the world and I want to be out there learning it first hand.


I’m known on my travels for not taking the easiest route and getting myself into messes.  I will say “yeah we can walk that” and take us on a 2-hour walk with my terrible navigational skills. If I got on the bus for an hour in the wrong direction in England, I would be pissed off. When it happens to me when I’m traveling (yes it has happened more than once, although once it was a train) it’s an adventure. Getting lost is all part of the fun and it can lead to you finding more amazing things that you never would have found sticking to your itinerary. On the other hand, I like to get my adventure in the form of an adrenaline rush from doing a zip line, going on a dirt buggy experience or jumping off a cliff! I’ve been saying for years that I want to do a skydive, but I don’t want to do it in England I want to do it over the sea in Australia to make it that much more of an adventure.


The main reason I want to travel is the experiences that I will remember forever. People have a lot to say about people who only travel to make their Instagram pages look pretty, but I love looking back at my own Instagram page and reminiscing about my holidays. It’s not the only reason I travel, but it’s one of the ways I document my memories. Another way is through my writing on this blog or my twitter or through other photos that I put in scrapbooks. I am a very nostalgic person and I like the idea of being 80 years old and still having all my travel photos to look through. However, I hope that I’m living on a beach somewhere sipping a cocktail and enjoying a glamorous retirement.

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