Tips for handling the airport alone

When I went travelling on my own for the first time, one of the most daunting things to me was the airport. The thought of going through the whole process on my own was unthinkable. It’s not that bad but here are some things to consider to help prepare you.

Pack well

Your hand luggage bag needs to have everything you need for your journey and it’s best to organise this in a way that minimises your panic at the airport. I keep all my valuables such as travel money, passport and boarding pass in a travel wallet. I bought an El Camino one from here when I bought myself one of their travel bracelets where each bead represents a country you have visited.

Keep your liquids in a plastic bag ready to take out for separate inspection at security. Although this depends on the country apparently! I’ve never not had to show it to anyone before, but in Ukraine they scanned the whole bag without needing to take your liquids out.

In my hand luggage, I also have a small packing cube of spare clothes just in case my checked luggage got lost, my flight was seriously delayed or I needed to change. The packing cube is ideal because you don’t want to be flinging your underwear around while digdigg in your bag for your liquids or electronics at security.


Talk to strangers

Travelling alone can be lonely at times, but there are so many opportunities to talk to the people around you and hear interesting stories that you never would have got the chance to hear if you’d have stayed at home. Just today I met a girl in Ukraine who is also a teacher and was travelling to Dubai, a French couple in the Bangkok airport headed to Cambodia and a guy who has been travelling Asia for the last 3 months.


Prepare yourself for the flight

To kill time while you’re waiting for your gate number, it’s a good idea to eat. If I’m leaving England, I always make sure I hit up the all day breakfast at the airport!! It’s become a tradition for me and it’s always a good idea to eat something good before being faced with airplane food.


You can also pick up a good book to read on the plane, especially if you’ve got a long flight. Inflight entertainmrnt on long haul flights is great anyway, but giving yourself a few options of things to do can help you avoid getting bored.

Have fun

Most importantly, you need to make the most of your surroundings! Whether you want to windowshop at duty free or get a drink to celebrate your upcomig travels. The best thing about travelling solo is that you can do whatever you want without anyone telling you otherwise. I saw so many people arguing at the airport over what they were going to eat or do. I couldn’t handle that. I’m the boss when I trstra alone and I love that. That’s why my time in the airport was spent with a breakfast martini and no one could stop me.


Have you ever travelled alone or are toh planning to? What is your biggest worry or what would you like to know more about? I’m starting a series about solo travel and solo travelling as a woman, so any ideas or requests are welcome.




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  1. This post as some really good advice for being in an airport solo. I like to be thorough with packing and planning because my anxiety forces me to imagine every possible scenario so that I can prepare for the worst. Oddly enough, doing exactly that doesn’t help the anxiety, haha.

    As far as your post about solo traveling, I can give you some ideas of things that would interest me to read about the subject.

    One would be any necessary plans or arrangements that should be made before the trip. It would be mostly for newbies to travel. I’d love to travel some day, and I hope to be able to, but I know that I would never know where to start. The most I would know would be regarding my passport (if traveling to another country is involved), buying plane tickets and reserving hotels. I wouldn’t know about anything else that needed to be taken care of, especially once I arrived at my destination.

    Another post I would be interested in reading would be for women traveling solo that relates to protecting yourself. It could involve information such as legal items that we could carry for protection (though I know it would vary depending on the location of the destination), some self-defense suggestions (eye jabs, kneeing the groin, etc…), and even how to find the contact information of our destination’s local authorities (whether it’s to visit an official website, or if hotels would have that information, etc…).

    I’d also love to know what the best travel items are. Most people travel with their phones, computers, books, clothes, etc… but in terms of traveling, I’m sure there are some items that would be extremely helpful that I likely would never think of until I was in a situation where I needed them. Maybe things like a map in case our electronics fail, flashlight, extra batteries or film for cameras, etc…

    Sorry for my huge comment, haha. Just figured I would give you some ideas of things that I would read in the event that I was ever able to do some traveling.

    1. Nothing wrong with a long comment! Thanks so much for the suggestions. You’ve given me loads of ideas. I’ve got a 12 hour bus journey coming up so I’ve got some time to do some writing then.

  2. I haven’t ever traveled by myself but it is something I have been thinking a lot about this summer (on flights). I have taken long train journeys and 12 hour bus rides by myself and it is still good to get talking to people on your trip. It can be a huge thing for many people to speak to strangers, but I feel like once I did it the first time, the other times got easier. I really like to read and write on long trips! ♥

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree writing and reading are good passtimes! I keep a journal during my travels and I’ve written over 50 pages during the week I’ve been in Thailand!!

      1. I love my travel journal. My mum had me start one when I was a little girl and I’ve always kept it up but I limit myself to one double page per trip! It’s so nice to look back over trips from years ago!

  3. I’d love to travel on my own but I just don’t know if I’d get lonely because I’m not one to just put myself out there and talk to strangers very often! Also, how do you travel alone and still feel safe? I don’t know if I would!

    Beth x |

    1. I think that it’s all about trusting yourself to keep yourself safe and there are some precautions you can take. For example, when I walk around, I try to make sure that my bag is secured onto me because there is a risk of motorcyclists snatching bags as you walk. Or I always make sure my belongings in the hostel are locked away when they aren’t on my person. I think that for me feeling safe isn’t an issue, because I am prepared for the practical side of things and I feel so much more comfortable being out and exploring than being stuck at home.

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