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As a vegetarian, I found eating during my Asia travels slightly challenging, so I slowly introduced fish into my diet. As a pescetarian, I found eating vegetarian food really easy in Thailand, but I enjoyed trying different fish dishes to be a bit more adventurous with the local food. I was too scared to try shark though… Anyway, here’s my 3 best vegetarian meals and 3 best fish meals that I had during my time in Thailand.

Khao soi

One of my favourite meals of the entire trip was on my last night in Chiang Mai. Food in the North was generally better than the food I ate in the South (but also all the food I ate in the South was either drunk or hungover thanks to the parties!).

Khao Soi is a northern Thai specialty consisting of noodles in a spicy coconut curry broth. Usually, it is served with chicken or beef, but I was able to find a vegetarian version in this restaurant and it was just tofu. There were two different types of noodles- the softer egg noodles in the soup and the crispy ones on the top, which was really interesting. The curry was spicy, but not too spicy (unlike a green curry I had the previous day!).


Thai Vegetable Red Curry

I had a few red curries during my time in Thailand and this one was nice because it wasn’t too spicy. I love spicy food, but I was getting a bit sick of it after having spicy meals every single day. This one had a kick to it but was not overpowering. The best part about this meal was that the restaurant in Phuket had a happy hour on not just it’s cocktails, but the food as well. I got two cocktails and my dinner for the equivalent of £6. The cocktail pictured was called Phuket Paradise and I have no idea what was inside it.


Thai Green Curry

As spicy as green curries are, I had this amazing one on my first night in Thailand and it was actually my first meal after recovering from my jet lag. It blew my head off a little bit, but it was really yummy. I cooled myself down with a blue butterfly pea iced tea and then I had mango sticky rice for a dessert which was lovely.

green curry

Tom Yum Soup

And onto the fish! My absolute favourite meal during my time in Thailand that I had multiple times was Tom Yum soup. This is a hot and sour Thai soup, which is usually cooked with shrimp and is absolutely delicious. On this occasion, I went to a Thai-Chinese fusion restaurant and had these fried mushroom dimsum things as well.


Spicy Papaya Salad

I had my fair share of papaya salad during my time in Thailand and this one was my favourite. I had one with prawns and it was delicious! Waitresses had a habit of asking me if I was okay because it will be spicy and I would always say it’s fine but then I would suffer because it’s so spicy. I ordered either smoothies or ice tea to accompany my spicy choices and just hoped for the best.



Spaghetti with Thai river fish

This was another kind of fusion. I went to a fancy restaurant overlooking Wat Arun on the other side of the river. It was on the chef’s recommended board, so I decided to try the Spaghetti with Thai river fish. It was actually quite nice! The pieces of fish weren’t too fishy tasting which I really don’t like and there was a garlic and chili glaze which was really tasty. The riverside restaurant also had a specialty cocktail which I thoroughly enjoyed on my last night in Thailand.


I also ate my entire bodyweight in Pad Thai (both with or without shrimp!), but I mostly had it on the go from street stalls and didn’t really get any good pictures which is why that isn’t in this list.

The food was just a small part of my wonderful trip. I love Thai food and I’m definitely going to have to try to cook some for myself since coming home! I’ve got some recipes ready to try and recreate some of these dishes. I was so so surprised by how easy it was to find vegetarian food. The only one issue I had was when the group of Italians I went to lunch with picked a chicken restaurant!! Even then, they had the Tom Yum soup on the menu so I was fine!

Have you ever tried any of these dishes or been to Thailand? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Did you try gai pad med ma muang (stir fry chicken with cashew nuts)? We attended a cooking course in Bangkok last year and this was our favourite dish. We couldn’t get enough of it over the next few days and ordered it again every night!

    Rio |

    1. I actually don’t eat chicken because I’m a pescetarian! I didn’t get a chance to go to a cooking course this time, but it’s definitely on my list when I go back in the future.

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