Getting a tattoo abroad

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate your trip, but have worried about the cleanliness or the safety of getting a tattoo abroad? Here is my experience of getting a tattoo in Bangkok and some tips to make sure that your travel tattoo is a positive one.

When I decided to go ahead with my tattoo idea, I already knew what I wanted. I planned to get it before I left for Thailand, but I didn’t want to spend too much money before I went. So that meant I didn’t have to decide on a design or get a tattoo for the sake of getting a tattoo.

Some people get tattoos in the native language or in a traditional style and I saw some beautiful tattoos that people I traveled with got in this way. Sofiya, who I met in Phuket got this beautiful tattoo in the traditional bamboo style while on Phi Phi Island. She said that it barely hurt because the stick doesn’t penetrate the skin in the same way as a tattoo machine would. It also healed very quickly compared to a normal tattoo.

I decided to get my tattoo in Bangkok on my last day so that the healing process wouldn’t affect what I could do (being in the sun and going swimming!). I googled “best tattoo Bangkok” and read about the different studios that I could go to. I then decided to message three different places to get quotes for my tattoo.

The studio I picked was called “All Day Tattoo Bangkok” and it was in the Sukhumvit area next to a massive mall. It was listed in multiple articles as a recommended place and it also specified that they have English speaking tattoo artists, which definitely was a plus. They said that my tattoo would cost between 2500-3000 baht depending on how long it took. This was between about £59 and £71. This is what I would expect to spend on a tattoo in the UK and I would rather spend more to get a tattoo in a trusted place than risk getting an infection or something.

The day of the tattoo

I arrived back in Bangkok after an all night train at 8am. I stopped for breakfast before heading off to find my hotel, drop off my bags and get a taxi to the tattoo place. Because I was getting short on money, I got a motorcycle taxi instead of a car which was interesting. I arrived at Sukhumvit and walked to the tattoo studio.


The first thing I notice when entering a different tattoo studio is the atmosphere. All Day Bangkok was incredibly welcoming and everyone I spoke to was friendly. I felt slightly nervous about getting this tattoo purely because it was in a place that I couldn’t see! I quite like being able to watch my tattoos so that I know that it’s exactly what I want and not being able to do this made the experience slightly more anxiety inducing, but the lovely people put me at ease. The tattooist showed me that he was using a clean new needle from a sealed packet before he started and he made sure that I was comfortable. During the tattoo, other tattooists would come through and talk to me which was nice!

I would go back here if I was in Bangkok again and wanting a tattoo. I am extremely happy with the results and now I will have this tattoo to remember my trip by forever! Does anyone else have a tattoo that they got abroad? How did you find the experience? Let me know in the comments.


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    1. Oh wow that will be nice! I’m going on holiday to Paris in December and I was considering getting something again, but it depends if I decide on a design before then.

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