A visit to James Bond Island

If you’re planning a Thailand trip and are looking for day trips from Phuket then look no further. There are so many different trips that you can go on to the nearby islands, but this was the one I found that appealed to me the most.

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Picture the scene, I wake up hungover for the second day in a row and I’m being picked up from my hostel at 7.30am. I can’t really remember what the trip I booked is, besides that, I’m going to some beaches and seeing the James Bond Island. What I didn’t know is that this day trip would be one of the best days of my entire Thailand trip.

First of all, a minivan picked me up from my hostel and took me to the tour company place. I waited for about 15 minutes before being taken to a speedboat with my group. Our tour guide explains that the various stops on the tour and cracked a few jokes about how the “James Bond Island” is named because of it’s appearance in Man with the Golden Gun. Every time he mentioned this he excitedly talked about how it starred “Roger Moore from England”, gesturing to me (the only British person on the boat).

The speedboat ride was really bumpy, but there’s something really glamorous feeling about looking out and seeing the ocean behind you from a speedboat. Even if I was wearing the least glamorous life jacket possible. The trip provided free drinks (water, cola or juice), so I enjoyed my lychee juice cup until we arrived at the first destination.

The tour guide explained that we were visiting a cave known as “Ice Cream Cave”. The walk through the caves was slightly slippery, but the tour staff were really helpful at helping you through. Everywhere we went the photographer would point out the best photo spots in each location! I was so happy with the photos that I bought a disk of them after.


We all headed back to the speed boat and the next stop was a sea canoe trip through some different caves and you could have a nice dip in the sea. It was really nice to just lay there while someone else controlled the boat and I could just soak in the views. I didn’t go swimming because I wanted nice pictures at James Bond Island!! But I knew we were going to a beach later so that was fine.

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Then, we arrived at James Bond Island. It was incredibly busy and full of tourists, but I eventually got a good spot and got the photographer to take some photos of me. I’m not as happy with these photos because my tan lines from the day before were horrific so I’ve had to do a little editing magic.

One slight warning about the James Bond Island is that the market people are very very pushy and desperate for a sale. One of the market ladies actually grabbed me by the arm to try and stop me from leaving after I looked at some of her jewelry and decided not to buy.

Next we went to a different island, which was really interesting. The reason we went here was for lunch which was a giant buffet of Thai food. There was one slight problem; nothing was vegetarian. When I told the tour guide, he went and spoke to someone in the restaurant and they cooked a whole load of vegetarian food just for me. I had six plates laid out on the table and they were amazing. I especially loved the vegetable red curry and the fried vegetables in batter.


We had some time to explore the island and there were a lot of markets, a beautiful mosque and very friendly schoolchildren who asked everyone where they were from. In the market, they were selling beautiful jewelry with pearls and all of the market ladies were keen to burn the pearls in front of you to prove that they were real. I had a lot of fun exploring this island, but unfortunately, my phone ran out of charge so I don’t really have any photos except for when the photographer took a photo on the deck before I got back on the boat.


The last island was our hour to relax on the beach. I was so so happy to get a chance to go in the sea. I had to put on a t-shirt though to avoid getting any worse sunburn! I had fun swimming around and then went to go sit back on the beach. I was greeted by a man with a cocktail menu and saw that they had a special giant Mai Tai, which of course I went for. I managed to get a photo of it while struggling with my broken power bank to get my phone up to 5% charge just to take it!

I then enjoyed laying on the beach with my cocktail and writing in my travel journal. I had written so much in this book during my time in Thailand and I enjoyed using it as a diary, but also just expressing my thoughts was really therapeutic during my time away. My mental health was in a really good place during my time in Thailand and I presumed it was 100% because I was away and escaping from my life. But thinking about it now, and reading what I wrote, I expressed all of my anxious thoughts into this journal and letting that out helped made me feel less anxious. Anyway, the photographer then started taking candid photos of this moment and I could see him out of the corner of my eye, which made me laugh!


I hope you enjoyed this post about the tour I went on in Phuket. If you are interested in having a look at this Klook Travel trip yourself, you can check out this tour here.

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