On Wednesdays we wear pink

In honour of Wednesday October 3rd. I thought I would do a post about some pink things I like lately.

Ann Summers Pink Bralette

This is one of my favourite bralettes and I got it in the sale! I usually find it really hard to find bralettes that fit, because of my size. This one is large, which according to their size chart is a 16-18.

Soap and Glory Hand Food

This hand cream is my favourite thing. I love the almond scent and it keeps my hands nicely moisturised. I also have a mini one that I got in a gift set for my birthday and I keep it in my handbag.

Dragon Fruit Yankee Candle

I love lighting a tea light candle in my bedroom to make it smell nice and this is one of my favourite scents all year around. It is very floral, so maybe has more of a summery feel, but I love how fresh it makes the room smell.

My Journal

I really got into journal writing while I was traveling in Thailand and I have really found it helpful to write out everything that’s going on to help me process my emotions. I also really enjoyed reading back my journals from travelling!

Carex Love Hearts Soap

I love Love Hearts!! I used to have a secret stash on them in my classroom as emergency sweets for stressful days. I also love Love Hearts ice lollies, but it’s not really the time of year for those anymore.

NYX Liquid Suede Tea and Cookies

I realised that I forgot this one from my NYX lipstick post yesterday and I love it so much!! I think it was one of the first NYX lipsticks that I bought.

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