What have I achieved?

I wish I had been blogging back in January when I was thinking of my new year resolutions, but unfortunately, I was busy being trapped in an unhappy relationship and I wasn’t putting myself first as much as I should have been. So, looking back at the last year, I’ve been trying to put all the big life changes into perspective and think about all that I have achieved.

I could never have foreseen the way that I have flipped my entire life plan upside down in the last month, but it has brought so many opportunities for me and I truly believe it is for the best regardless of what anyone else says. When you say that you’ve dropped out of university, it is very easy for other people to look down on you, because a person’s worth is too often defined by whether they have a degree or not.

I recently spoke to a mother whose daughter dropped out of university and she told me that she didn’t like telling other people about it, because although she wasn’t embarrassed about her daughter’s decision and will support her 100%, she felt a certain level of judgment attached to it from other people’s reactions. It reassured me that this situation is far more common than I thought and the support I’ve received has helped me confirm to myself that it wasn’t a cowardly decision or showing that I’m a “quitter”. Deciding that what I was doing with my life wasn’t right for me and making an active step to change that regardless of the consequences was brave. I have met and spoken to so many people who have been unhappy in a job and stayed there for many years. I understand that from a financial standpoint, spontaneously quitting your job just isn’t reasonable, but I personally cannot think of anything worse than forcing myself onto a life path that is just going to make me more miserable.

Changing careers isn’t a decision I have made lightly. I am fully aware that I am giving up something that I have spent years building on and honestly, I don’t care about that. I have been told that it’s a shame because I’m good at working with children, but I’ve slowly realised that this isn’t my passion. Luckily, I haven’t completely wasted the last few years and I feel like I have still had good opportunities for growth and life experience. Working in schools has given me the money and the school holiday time to travel. Travelling has been what motivated me the whole time and it has always been a part of my “life plan”, regardless of whether I was teaching or not.

My mental health has been in a bad place in 2018 and this is the first time I’ve started to feel like it’s going back on track. I’ve moved on from being trapped in a disappointing and dead-end relationship at the start of the year. I’ve moved on from dreading going to work every day and always feeling stressed or miserable. I gained so much confidence in my two months out of work and during my time traveling alone in Thailand. Moving into a new job may not have ended well, but it is what made me realise that education wasn’t the right career path for me right now. Finally, my period of unemployment has given me the push to just go and it feels more like running towards something than running away to escape my life.

My biggest achievement of the year is that I quit. I am glad that I did it and it feels like I have so many more options, opportunities and possibilities now. Other achievements in 2018 include walking 26 miles to raise money for a charity I really care about, having the courage to jump off a cliff, meeting amazing people while traveling the world and creating a blog that I’m proud of. Considering my main goal was to put myself first and be happy, I think that I’m achieving that more and more lately.

So what am I doing now? Next week, I’m going to Prague and I’m going to working in hostels for about 6 weeks to gain some more experience and travel. I am extremely excited and I can’t wait to share what I’m doing with you all.

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  1. Dear Alice,

    I saw your post on Twitter and I am really glad I gave it a look. I think you are SO right to have quit if you didn’t feel fully happy in your previous job. Honestly, I had kind of the same experience. After university, I got a prestigious job in the French navy. I was very well paid, and everybody was impressed. The truth is I felt so so miserable. Not everything was bad, but I did a lot of very boring work, and I often couldn’t see the point of what as asked from me. It wasn’t from me at all, and I decided to quit too (also, I had the chance that they let me go). Now, I am only having “small” jobs, my financial situation is not the brightest, but I am never ever regretting my decision. Getting well paid doesn’t compensate at all a miserable life.

    You said : “I personally cannot think of anything worse than forcing myself onto a life path that is just going to make me more miserable.” I couldn’t have said it better.

    Thanks for this post!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I really wanted to write about this, because I’m so passionate about happiness being a priority in life. I’m so glad that you are also happier since you quit.

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