European Food Journey

Food is such a huge part of traveling. A lot of the activities I did in the European countries I visited lately were tastings or local dinners, although most of them were alcohol rather than food! I tried a lot of good food in the last week and I thought I’d share some of that with you. Yes, a lot of the food I ate wasn’t necessarily local due to the main food containing meat, but I still feel like it was a good part of my experience.

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Mental health will try to follow even if you run

So, I’ve always had this ideal world in my head that I’m going to go traveling and all of my problems are suddenly going to be fixed. I thought that I would feel better just for a change of scenery and I’ve learned the hard way that this isn’t the case. If I stop and think about how I’m feeling right now, I just start to cry again (which could partly be because I’m on my period). I am working my way through the packets of tissues I left at the bottom of my travel bag that I kept as an emergency toilet tissue stash while I was traveling around Thailand. So here I am in Prague with depression and anxiety.

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Travelling with depression

I have suffered from mental health issues for years and it is something that has affected all areas of my life including work, friends, family, and travel. I love traveling and I would say that it helps my state of mind more than it hinders it, but there are days where you feel depressed and there isn’t anything you can do to “snap out of it” even if you’re in the most beautiful places in the world.

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