How To Get Over A Breakup

I’m sorry to deceive you but this post probably isn’t going to help you get over a breakup. Just like the hundreds of posts I’ve read this week haven’t necessarily helped me. It’s a learning process. I feel like I’m 100 years ahead of the girl in this photo, crying with my friends at a Trdelnik shop and then posing for this photo to send to my friends at home to say “I’m okay I have cake now”. So yeah, step 1 is just eating cake and crying.

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What have I achieved?

I wish I had been blogging back in January when I was thinking of my new year resolutions, but unfortunately, I was busy being trapped in an unhappy relationship and I wasn’t putting myself first as much as I should have been. So, looking back at the last year, I’ve been trying to put all the big life changes into perspective and think about all that I have achieved.

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Travelling with depression

I have suffered from mental health issues for years and it is something that has affected all areas of my life including work, friends, family, and travel. I love traveling and I would say that it helps my state of mind more than it hinders it, but there are days where you feel depressed and there isn’t anything you can do to “snap out of it” even if you’re in the most beautiful places in the world.

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Disappointments and successes of shopping as a plus size woman

Today, I went on a spending spree in Westfield shopping centre in London and I had a lot of fun browsing clothes and trying on different outfits. I wear a size 16 in most UK clothing stores, but sometimes I need a size 14 or a size 18 depending on the store or the item of clothing. I find shopping very difficult at times and it can have a massive effect on my self confidence when I don’t fit into a particular size. It’s for this reason that going to a fitting room can fill me with dread.

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Home Yoga Routine

Yoga is a massive part of self care for me, as well as fitness. I’ve lost a stone so far in my fitness journey and I’ve been doing a lot of exercise recently to help lift my mood during my depressive episode. Today, I filmed myself doing a yoga flow routine so that I could review the video and check my form.

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