5 Healthy Vegetarian and Pescetarian Meals

I’ve been trying really hard to eat healthily lately and during that journey, I have been attempting to cook for myself. I even used this as an opportunity for some self-care and a distraction from my mental health issues. I find the process of finding a recipe, going to buy the ingredients and giving it a go to be a really rewarding self-care strategy. Although I can be a little bit dangerous in the kitchen and while cooking one of these recipes, I did set fire to a pair of oven gloves and narrowly avoided having to evacuate the entire block of flats. Let’s just say Masterchef may not be in my future, but I hope that I can continue to make some delicious food and not injure myself or others.

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Home Yoga Routine

Yoga is a massive part of self care for me, as well as fitness. I’ve lost a stone so far in my fitness journey and I’ve been doing a lot of exercise recently to help lift my mood during my depressive episode. Today, I filmed myself doing a yoga flow routine so that I could review the video and check my form.

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Tattoo addiction

It’s the honest truth that getting tattoos can be pretty addictive. When I get a new one, I immediately start planning my next five and then I go a bit crazy. I thought I would take you on a journey through my tattoos so far. What do they mean? Which body part hurts the most? Why do I love it so much?

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Yes, I am a cry baby

I have always been scared to talk about my depression. I worry that people are just going to think that I’m lazy or that I’m being overemotional or that they won’t take me seriously. I don’t understand my own depression, so how can I expect someone else to. I feel like anxiety is more relatable and accessible to people that don’t have an anxiety disorder, because everyone has felt anxious about something in their life before. I don’t feel like depression can be explained in the same way. Yes the low mood is quite a large part of how depression affects my life, but I’ve been hiding it for a long time so when I tell people that I have actually been feeling empty inside for months they aren’t going to believe me.

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8. Re-Charge

Ironically I have taken a break from the self care-athon because I’ve had a dip in my mental health and needed some time for self care. I’ve been going for runs, doing face masks and doing all those lovely little self care actions to try to make myself feel better. Honestly, it hasn’t really worked all that well.

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6. Support

This year I’ve started to be a bit more open about my mental health with the people important to me. It’s not easy to ask for support when you can’t always explain what’s wrong without getting upset, but I’m very lucky to have some amazing friends who have supported me through rough times in my mental health just by showing that they care.

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